Introducing $MASHI: the social token powering the Mashibeats community


I’m excited to be announcing the launch of $MASHI - a new gas-free social token on the Rally network - to fuel and bring value to the Mashibeats creator community.

$MASHI can be bought and traded by anyone, used for access to content, online events and gated discord channels/roles. It can be used to pay for exclusive merch, project consultancy sessions and online lessons. $MASHI can be earned by contributing to our discord community and completing bounties. It can be gifted and tipped. On top of this initial utility - which will continue to evolve - $MASHI can be converted to $RLY and bridged out to exchanges.

What is Mashibeats ?

Mashibeats is a creator community and DAO-in-the-making. I’m Mark de Clive-Lowe and founded Mashibeats in 2010, originally as an independent label at the intersection of jazz and electronic music. As my own web3 journey has deepened, Mashibeats has been fully redefined as a creator-collector community that lives primarily on discord. A place for web3-aspiring musicians to connect and learn, a space to share everything from web3 happenings and music industry challenges/stories/questions through to favorite tunes, food recipes and even must-see TV shows.

Mashibeats as a DAO is a direct result of the $BUYBACK crowdfund - an initiative to reacquire my back catalog from labels who control it. Through the $BUYBACK, Mashibeats now has a treasury, foundational assets and a governance committee, with the intention of growing to facilitate new works and projects. Mashibeats Creator Club is in its inaugural season where I’m mentoring 10 amazing musicians into their genesis web3 projects. We hold open weekly community calls, guest sessions and are really only just getting started - the discord was opened to the public at the start of 2022 and we’re sitting at a healthy 420 members and growing strong.

Why do we have a social token ?

As Mashibeats grows, the projects, scope and initiatives grow. As the community grows we seek to create more value for everyone to benefit from. The $MASHI social token is a tool to create seamless access and to support our own creator economy. It’s a membership token that has infinite potential applications - there are plans for producer challenges with revenue bounties, private listening parties, and this week we’re kicking off our first community member-hosted [Beats Rhymes + Life] chat where hosts earn $MASHI for their community contribution. The possibilities are endless and I’m excited for the community to bring ideas to the table too. $MASHI functions as both an unlock key (accessing content/tiers/events/roles/exclusive merch) and as a currency (purchase exclusive offers/earn for contributing to the community) all in one. And for those new to crypto, it’s a super safe way to learn.

Where is $MASHI minted ?

$MASHI is minted on the Rally sidechain, bonded to $RLY - an ERC-20 token on Ethereum mainnet. Being on Rally’s own sidechain, all transactions have no gas fees and are environmentally friendly. $MASHI can also be swapped for $RLY, and that $RLY can be bridged out to your Metamask and traded/sold like any liquidity-bearing token.

Learn more about Rally here:

How do i get $MASHI ?

$MASHI can be bought/sold/traded by anyone - using either credit card or crypto on

To celebrate the social token launch, $MASHI is being gifted via airdrop to:

  1. all 1-of-1 NFT holders - all holders of my 1-of-1 NFTs will be airdropped $MASHI
  2. all $BUYBACK holders - 4 x airdrops (you’re eligible for each airdrop based on how many $BUYBACK tokens you hold - eg, a holder of 10 $BUYBACK is eligible for the first airdrop, but a holder of 1000 $BUYBACK can access all four)
  3. all Patreon subscribers (based on how long you’ve been a member for and total subscription contributions)
  4. Bandcamp supporters - we’ll take a snapshot 3/24/22 and be airdropping $MASHI to highly active Bandcamp customers
  5. highly active Mashibeats discord community members

$MASHI can also be earned by contributing to the Mashibeats community in different ways. For starters, there’s two options:

  1. Complete a Bounty to earn $MASHI - eg, this bounty is to tweet about Mashibeats community, include the discord invitation link and tag 3 friends. The reward for completing this bounty is 20 $MASHI
  2. Guest on our community initiatives - perform/DJ/host a radio/playlist session on our discord, be a spotlight feature member for a Q&A session - and earn $MASHI coin rewards. Apply to showcase via our discord - tap in the #apply-to-showcase channel 🤝

There’ll be more earn opportunities to come - and an open invitation for community members to propose new ideas too!

What can i do with $MASHI ?

Simply holding $MASHI gives access to our discord community tiers and roles:

  • Hold 20 $MASHI for HOLDER discord role/access to The Vault - archives, demos, back catalog and more, private online listening parties
  • Hold 100 $MASHI for FRONT ROW discord role/access online livestream shows and submit requests
  • Hold 250 $MASHI for MASTERCLASS discord role/access online masterclass in-studio zoom sessions
  • Hold 1000 $MASHI for VIP discord role/advance access to works in progress + first listens
  1. Join our discord here - and be sure to link your Rally account to your Discord account: Rally account > Settings > Connection > Link Discord
  2. on the discord, go to the #coin-join channel and type /join to get your roles and access

What else can I do with it ?

  • Use $MASHI to purchase exclusive merch, project consultancy sessions and online lessons
  • Access token gated events, presales and special offers
  • Tip $MASHI to the Mashibeats treasury - on our discord, type the command: /donate memo <message (optional)> to send a quantity of coin in USD. eg, /donate 10 memo thanks for the session to donate USD$10 with the message “thanks for the session”
  • Gift $MASHI to friends to give them full access to our community and introduce them to tokens!
  • more utility to come (and an open invitation for our community members to make proposals too)

Holding $MASHI also entitles you to earn Rally Rewards - just for holding it… 👀

About $MASHI’s value and Rally Rewards

The value of $MASHI is floating and determined by supply and demand, holding patterns of the coin, overall transactions, and the current market price of $RLY which the social token is bonded to.

Our community earns rewards based on activity involving $MASHI. When rewards are earned by a community, $RLY will be rewarded to the community. Each participant in a community will receive a share of $RLY proportional to their holdings of the $MASHI in circulation. The creator as well as fans thus all directly benefit. Rewards are earned through holding $MASHI and the trading activity of $MASHI.

Simply put, an active social token community benefits from Rally Rewards. $RLY rewarded to you can be bridged out and cashed out like any other cryptocurrency, or converted to $MASHI - or any other social token on Rally.

Learn more about Rally Rewards here:

Is $MASHI an investment ?

$MASHI is primarily a social token with utility around access, services and community building. As much as the token has potential to increase in value and thus offer a return to holders, it should not be viewed as a speculative investment.

How do I claim a $MASHI airdrop ?

  • click on the link you receive by email/URL link to claim your airdrop
  • create your Bonfire account at the prompt
  • connect your Rally account. If you do not yet have one, you can create your Rally account as prompted (Rally is the service which hosts the social token)
  • claim your $MASHI
  • connect your Rally account to your Discord account (Rally account > Settings > Connection > Link Discord)
  • on the Mashibeats Discord, type the command /join in the #coin-join channel to get your $MASHI Discord roles and access

How do I stay in the know ?

  1. join the Mashibeats discord community
  2. follow Mashibeats on twitter
  3. buy $MASHI on
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