Mashibeats Remix Contest 001

You’re invited to remix and reimagine… welcome to the first Mashibeats Remix Contest!

With a combination of web3 and what you’d already expect, this is the first of an ongoing series of production/creativity challenges fueled by our social token $MASHI, with prizes including getting minted on Catalog (with a 60% share on your winning remix), getting pressed on vinyl, $MASHI coin rewards (which can be converted to RLY and bridged out!), and some incredible sound libraries courtesy our friends at Spitfire Audio.

We’re doing this for multiple reasons - to keep building the Mashibeats community, to support creators and facilitate creation, and to help onboard talented artists into web3.


  • 1/1 NFT minted on Catalog (you also get onboarded if you’re not already on there)
  • remix included on a vinyl EP release
  • Spitfire POLARIS Sound Library
  • 7,777 $MASHI airdrop


  • 1/1 NFT minted on Catalog (you also get onboarded if you’re not already on there)
  • Spitfire FINK SIGNATURES Sound Library
  • remix included on a vinyl EP release
  • 4,444 $MASHI airdrop


To enter the contest, we’ve created an access pass: the Mashibeats Studio Pass 001 NFT - a 3D-animation fantasy instrument. The Studio Pass NFT is intentionally priced to be accessible to everyone (just US$7) and is gas-free on the Rally network. Think of it like your unlock key to be able to join the contest - and collect your first of our fantasy instrument series!

Get your Studio Pass 001 NFT

  1. create an account on
  2. go here and purchase the Studio Pass 001 NFT using US$7 worth of $MASHI coin
  3. now you’re ready to access the token-gated contest page where you can download stems and upload your remix

If you want to jump straight in, once you’ve got the Studio Pass 001 NFT, head over to and get started!

For this first remix contest, all the stems for my Midnight Snacks vol.1 and vol.2 (excluding the one cover, Sorceress) are available for download, so you can choose which track you want to remix - or remix multiple tracks and enter them all.

🔊 🎧 ⬇️

The Process

The deadline to submit your finished remix(es) is JUNE 9, 2022. **

UPDATE -** the community has voted to extend the submission deadline to JUNE 13, 2022 @ 9pm PST

Once entries have closed, everyone in the Mashibeats discord will be able to vote for their favorites via our discord, creating a shortlist of finalists.

The shortlist then gets voted on on-chain by our $BUYBACK governance community using snapshot tooling with weighted voting in order to choose the winning three remixes.

🗳 snapshot round two voting here

Once we’ve chosen the winning three, the first and second place winners will be onboarded onto Catalog through Mashibeats’ curation partnership and will be able to mint their remixes as 1/1 NFTs with a 60-40 split between the remixer and Mashibeats in favor of the remixer. If you’re not already on Catalog, getting onboarded also means that you’ll then have your own Catalog account going forward to mint your 1/1 music NFTs as you please!

All three winning remixes will be on the Midnight Snacks Remixes vinyl EP, all three winners will be airdropped $MASHI coin and the respective Spitfire Audio sound libraries will be credited to you.

The Fine Print

  • You must hold the Studio Pass 001 NFT to be eligible to enter this contest
  • The deadline to submit remix entries is JUNE 9, 2022 JUNE 13, 2022 @ 9pm PST
  • Upload your remix here as a WAV or 320-bit mp3 file. Winners will be required to submit WAV files
  • Upload as many different remixes as you like, taking care to fill in your email address correctly
  • Add your twitter and discord handles in the Message section of the upload form along with any other info you'd like to share
  • Join the Mashibeats discord – where our community gathers and where voting will take place
  • See here for info how to claim $MASHI roles on the discord
  • Open community voting via the discord will decide the finalist shortlist
  • The winners will then be decided by our $BUYBACK governance community and myself
  • Community voting for the finalist shortlist will be open JUNE 14-20
  • Winners will be decided by vote JUNE 21-30
  • Winners will be announced following final voting closes JULY 4
  • Winning remixers whose remixes are minted as NFTs will be onboarded onto Catalog with a 60% share of proceeds
  • NFTs minted on Catalog require gas fees to be paid by the winners, which will then be reimbursed by Mashibeats
  • Vinyl EP pressing will be a limited one-time independent pressing. In lieu of royalties each winner will be provided with 5 copies of the EP
  • No remixes will be released by Mashibeats on traditional digital platforms without prior agreement with the remix producers
  • All entrants may post your remixes to Soundcloud, Audius and YouTube only with full credit: "Track Name (Your Name remix) – Mark de Clive-Lowe"
  • Mashibeats is the owner of all remixes and will ensure fair remuneration for any revenue-incurring future exploitation that may occur. Remix producers will be notified in all such cases
  • Winners will be required to setup accounts on Spitfire Audio to receive their sound library prizes

I’m excited to hear what gets imagined and created!!

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